Thursday, October 8, 2009

We're doing this really cool project

In my Art class. It's called Dry Etching, I think, and we're going about making the images by carving them into old X-Ray sheets with sharpened nails. It's pretty awesome! I'll definatly be taking my camera to school tomorrow to get some photos of what I've done so far, and maybe of me running the prints through the press or something? Maybe.

All I've got today however, is this awesome song that was played over the TV announcements today at school.

You must listen to this song! It's just fantastic~ (I'm a proud Canadian, I know, I know) It's a pretty clever song though! Make Tim Hortons proud!

And...a random quote from Corner Gas, which I love;

"What?! Sugar-Free gum? In my day you could get gum with sugar; made you stronger. Prepared to for the real world!"

You've got to love Oscar.

...apparently I'm not finished here, because! I found this clip from Corner Gas about Blogs!

No offence to other bloggers, I just thing this is awesome. :D


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