Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Outfit Oct.20th

I'm sorry that was such a lame title...I'm not feeling too well today!

( Converse burgandy high-tops, bamboo socks, Old Navy trousers, Bluenotes black tanktop, Charms Singapore top, Bootlegger drappy sweater )

Today I:
- Played loudly in Jazz band
- Decided I'm going to be stuck in the freezing cold for my years of university...
- DIDN'T get math homework, but had to re-write a quiz.
- Bio Quiz
- Walked home with a headache, but feeling better that the day was over and I could get home and relax (and put off studying for tomorrow's quix by writing my blog!)

I also have this scary paper dog to share with you all! Look into his eyes as the camera moves, and he's head will follow the camera's movements, I swear!

He lives on the piano in my living-room, and scares the living daylights out of me everytime I walk past and catch his beedy little blue eyes. egh!

I'm thinking up a cool, every-day-a-differnt-clothing-challenge thing for November, while all the guys at my school are growing their facial hair for 'Mo-vember'. I'll make a chart of my ideas and take pictures of each one being performed!
Give me some ideas? Stuff like "Today, you must wear at least 3 necklaces" or "At least 2 items of clothing must be green today" ? :D I'll go the entire month based off of these challenges.


  1. you look so pretty! i love your hair - i would KILL to be a redhead! also - nice "today i" thing. i see what you're doing there... i see... hehehe just kidding. and what's "mo-vember?"

  2. that cardigan is cute. i love ones like that, easy to wear! :)



  3. I LOVE that cardigan, and you're so pretty!

    What is with that scary dog?? It scurrreeddd me :-p

  4. Bamboo socks? Fuck, they must be confortable. I've been wearing my bamboo shirt for the past three days in a row and its still not disgusting. Magical!


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