Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall is falling fast, as snow claws it's way down the hillside.

(This is a long..but fairly interesting post...I think? I hope! )


Yesterday I managed to convince my family that it would be a grandious idea to pile into the car and drive for an hour through the mist and rain on the search for pumpkin! (While listening to Dave Matthews Band and the Talking Heads all the way there)


We went to our favorite fruit stand, which is more of an outdoor market for fresh-grown, fruits and veggies. It's so colourful in the fall! This is the best time of year for such an array of colours, and the weather just makes everything perfect. All those greens, oranges, yellows, and browns. -sigh- It makes this Robyn very pleased!
Actually, the pumpkin crop this year was ravaged by a long summer and then lots of rain, so there wasn't to much selection but we did manage to have a great time! You see, they make these giant piles of hay every year and cover them in pumkins and other squash. The best pumpkins are always at the very tippy-top so my brother and I end up climbing all over them! (guess who wore heels. not fun to climb in...let me just say!)


Some of the hay there.
These next picture my brother took, and I have to say, there is one that makes me feel physically ill to look at. It looks like everything is spinning except for ONE bin of squash! bla. I thought I'd warn you all!

( Gap trousers, boots?, RioRain blouse, Suzy Shier winter coat )

See what I mean? haha~
By the way, my pumpkin is deformed! It's got a flat side, for whatever reason and I shall carve a foot onto it and take a picture of it for you all! Stay Tuned!

...And now for today!

Today I (haha :D )

-Registered for sailing for next summer! (oh my goodness guys, I'm so excited!)
-Re-wrote another math quiz
-wondered what on earth a 'special assembly' could mean for tomorrow
-Started sewing together my book in art class happily
-walked home quickly, because it looks like it's about to rain again!

(Old Navy Diva bootcut jeans, VANS checkered shoes, SALTS Pacific Swift shirt )

Not much of an outfit today, sorry! These clothes were worn in honor of my registering for sailing this morning! High-light of my day! These are the clothes I wear sailing. I usually end up wearing these pants for...oh...-cough- days and days. and days. That's right! I'm a salty-sea sailor!

Click this link here ---> HERE <--- To see the fantastic ship I sail on! She's a Pacific Swift, and I love her to peices! I'm a pirate! Arrr.


And those are my pirate shoes, and socks...haha.
Those shoes used to look a lot worse than that, but they previously spent half an hour underwater being scraped against rocks and scary neon-green slim, so they've gotten a lot cleaner! (If anyone wants to hear all of that story, do say, and I'll type it all out on my next post! )

Whoa. Sorry that was so long! haha~ Have a great day, and as always thanks to everyone who comments! <3


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  2. hahahahaha. sounds like TODAY YOU had a very nice day :D

    and your socks are awesome.


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