Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blue will fill your mind

With blue!
I've noticed that this season I'vebeen more drawn to blues than I ever have before! It's odd, because I think I own one blue shirt...and then jeans...but I don't usually count them as blue clothing.
No, where I've been loving the blue is in the form on Nail Polish! Particularly the OPI BRIGHTS shade of matte blue, that I saw once where I get my hair cut, din't buy it, and I've not seen it since! (saaaad Robyn...)
Though, one day I was wandering the grocery store of all places and I saw this:


"Hurrah!" I said, "This is the colour I wanted! Oh mother!...." (I didn't have any money on me... luckily she bought it for me and I've been drooling over my new favorite shade of blue for a few weeks now. (and just thought to photograph it now! huh!) Say does anyone know anything about that brand? NYX? I've never heard of it before..

And since blue can turn into purple, the next pictures are purple. the VERY MEANING OF PURPLE! I found it, it's a yarn.



I'm knitting a tube-scarf...neck-cowl...thing. (Look up H&M to get the idea?)
I can't actually find a good picture of one, but I want one so I finally bought myself the very most purple yarn ever. (I swear, this is the meaning of purple..) and and knitting one! It's 90 stitches around, and knitting takes me foreeeeever. When I'm done this one I have another to make for my friend, and I'll eventually take pictures of us wearing 3 months.. But it will be great!

And lastly, before my mother hauls me out for driving practice...

( R.W. & Co. top, Old Navy jeans, Bootlegger sweater )

My outfit. I adore the way that sweater's length changes so drastically from the front to the back. It's great! Not...that you can really tell...but um...

...yah. See yah!


  1. Wow, i got a really similiar cardi/sweater to your while thrifting! It has that cool drapery and long length!
    Yours is very cool too :)

    Goodle x

  2. I like so much this blog. I loved Pom Pom, very cool, cute cute haha.



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