Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last post of 2009!

It is hard to believe that the decade is almost at a close! It feels like it was just yesterday when the whole Y2K scare aroudn the year 2000's beginning was happening, and I was living in Savannah, Georgia. Oh how the time has flown!
I thought I'd make a list of some interesting things that have happened to me this past year.

- I turned 17! That is pretty exciting, I think...I actually turned 17 the day before I went to Italy though, so i didn't think much of it.

- Traveled to Italy with my family. That was an amazing trip, and even though I sort of got sick twice and got to visit an italian ear doctor, it was still an awesome trip. I want to go back to Venice!

- I went sailing in the sumemr once again! It is still my favorite thing to do~

- Met some people on a jazz band trip who I know I will never forget as long as I live. You know who you are guys!

- Visited Victoria, BC 3 times! I love that city <3

- Finished grade 11, and started grade 12

- Finished editting my book! (for the first pass over at least...I actually have to edit it again, and again now D: )

-Got accepted to University!! :D

Tada! Those were some significant things that happened this year~

In 2010, I hope to:

-Graduate from High school

- Work hard on my book

- Plan a trip to Europe :D

- see amazing thing, and meet amazing people

- to love and to be loved by the glorious people in my life.

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures for this last post of the year. I swear I did take some, and a short video clip saying "Happy New Years!" while riding a unicycle...but you'll probably all have to wait to see them, because my camera is upstairs and I just woke up from a nap... which means I don't want to go get the thing :D

Take Care, and Happy New Years! 2010 will be an exciting year, I know!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ice Skating in the frozen north~

Arr way up here in the wild north, we travel by way of ice!
These here be mighty ice-boats, which ply the frozen water-ways.



Thar be me brother Brendan, passed out on the ice.

haha alright, enough of that.
Yesterday I casually suggested to a friend that next time I was to go skating I would wear a full suit and top hat to confuse everyone. Needless to say that when my parents said we would be going skating again today, what I was going to wear!




We all know who felt like a secret agent today!
Ahh but the faces of the Hockey players were probably the best. They all stopped their game when I skated by~ hahah

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

SlapChop Review.

Have you guys ever seen the ads for this thing?
My mom got one through her friends, from some Christmas party a while ago, and my dad and I decided to make a video-review of it.

Our verdict? Don't waste your money on this.


seriously though...craaaappy thing, that.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winter Adventure! Part 2.

Part Two!! (part one is one post down. v )

A thought from my friend, after I was rambling on about a peacock at 10:30pm one night.


She decided that if a homeless man had a peacock instead of a dog, she would give him a load of money.


Awesome Christmas presents! Hot chocolate and Science-fiction novels = <3

Soooo then we went to see AVATAR in 3D because everything is more amazing that way. See, small town in which I live?! See what a real theatre looks like?! No, no you probably don't, because I live in a bloody little hole. haha



When I saw this cardboard box thing, I ran around it frantically until I found this side, and then got my friend to take a picture of me with it~ haha

Then, or...before that actually, we went to my old elementary school to do some knit-graffiti. (because I was prepared and brought graffiti stuffs with me!)



It was fun! The school grounds look horrid though, since the school was closed a few years ago and is slated to be torn down soon. There used to be a forest behind it and a valley; all of which has been leveled and distroyed for new houses. It's really terrible to look at.

Then, when I went downtown to meet up with more people I'd not seen in aaaaaages, I went to an artisan yarn shop!




I swear I could actually live in there! It would be ever so soft and warm, and I could eat all the yarn if I really had too, and sleep on a bed of sweaters and have absolutly no money to speak of (but a lot of neck cowls!)

I miiiight have spend 56$ on yarn...-cough- I got 630 yards of it though! That;s 576 meters! Over half of a Kilometer!! :o craaazy~ And it's very nice yarn too.
Though I think this one colour I got was named just so I would want it:


Polar Morn. And me with my love of the polar explorations too! darn them~ haha
I also bought a red/green yarn in the spirit of christmas + my love of hoarding every pretty yarn.

Speaking of Polar, I also got a mug with Ernest Shackleton on it, and a photo taken by the awesome Mr Frank Hurley, of the Endurence on the back! <3
And this hat, for my (very far in the future) trip to Antarctic.



I'll hush up now!

I hope you dears all had a Wonderful and Lovely Christmas !! <3

Friday, December 25, 2009

Winter Adventure! Part 1

Hello! Look who it is, back from her favorite place in the world?

Guys, I swear I'm not dead!

My first VERY VERY VERY important and exciting peice of news is that....-drumroll- ...

How bloody amazing is that?!!


University of Calgary. Heck yes. heeeeeeck yes! I'm so excited! and terrified! but more excited >< (I think? ! )

Alright, so I was picking some photos out of the pile I took while Galivanting around Victoria, and I finally narrowed it down to...22 of them.

So this is part one of a Christmas photo dump! Enjoy!

Trip to Victoria!

So I don't fly by myself often, so I was pleased when no one sat next to me so I didn't have to seem more awkward then I already was feeling that day! Hey, going to see people that you've not seen in almsot 2 years is scary! :o But exciting!

Victoria is my favorite place in the world, I'm sure~


That was downtown at about 5pm, and the parliament buildings looked just fantastic! (We were on a dock...if the all the water seems a bit out of place to you)


The Me-Doll (or Robyn-puppet) with some fizzy water in Starbucks. I will actually go there again now that they have taken out the dripper well and aren't wasting over 21 billion gallons of water a day! :o


If you've ever been to Victoria, you'll have seen this. ^ up there~
Maye not that bike stand, but it is pretty amazing too!



It was clearly raining! For days...and days. But that's totally ok with me~



Eventually we went to the Wax museum! Creepiest place ever, I swear. This is Mr.Churchill there, with the Victory-V! pretty great~


Jesus is getting a talking to by the man in brown, and it looks like Lusius Malfoy has joined the party! awesome stuff~



Seven Dwarves, and then the steps of Parlament in the rain once again~ It was great to see everyone who I'd not been able to actually speak face to face with for months (and/or more than a year)

Tada! End of party one.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Last post for a week, dears~

This shall probably. (prooooobably) be my last post until after christmas!
Unless I can use my friend's laptop to write something quickly~ but I don't think I can post pictures from over there!

I haven't posted anything in a little while because I was stuck here:


There, at my very cluttered desk, studying for a Bio test (today) and a Math Midterm (yesterday), both of which I think I did alright, if not very well on!

Interesting points in that picture, of the things which can be found on my desk:

-Binder + Math 12 textbook
-a crocheted doll that looks like me
-the Turtle from my banner (who needs a name~ any help?)
-a puppet who looks like a chief (top right corner, with the mustache)
-book about dinosaurs
-picture from National Geographic of a waterfall in Iceland, with a land rover in front of it.
- A Bloody Jack Adventure; "The Curse of the Blue Tattoo" , #2 in my FAVORITE book series ever, by Mr L.A. Meyer. (who is certainly not related to another author I dislike a lot with the same last name). Best series ever folks, and I don't say that lightly. I read the first book, Bloody Jack, and immediately wanted to go sailing.

Also, yesterday I was complaining about how 'Explorer' should still be a career choice, because I would certainly go be an awesome one, so my friend Sam wrote "Robyn likes to explore" on my hand in Japanese:


I don't know how to say it, but it looks cool!

And lastly before I dance off in a haze of happyness to my friend's house in victoria, I must show you this Robot I got today as a gift from a friend at school~

How great is that thing?! I was trying so hard not to laugh while I was filming it~
it also says "Don't be afraid of the dark! You don't have to be scared!" and sings those lines too. I don't know why she decided I should own it, but it's grand.


Thank you so much for all the lovely comments, and I swear that when I return I shall have lovely pictures to shoe you all

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The biggest, most Christmas-tree-filled post to ever stagger across this Earth!!

Prepare for a long, photo filled, and Christmas themed post! I hope you all enjoy my weekend of adventures and terrible math homework as much as I did! ( can all skip the math part, if you really want~)


Up bright and early at..8:15am ish (which isn't really early at all...but...) and working on math homework as I have a large and scary Midterm (7/8th term) test on Wed, I was very happy when we finally piled into the car and drove an hour into the hills to obtain a free christmas tree. We did have a permit! -cough- A permit which we printed off the internet and then signed and jammed into the glove box and forgot about it, just like every other year!


I was pretty sure that this tree with about 5 tops on it was the best tree I'd ever seen, and that we should totally cut down it's amazingness and haul it home. Now that I think about it though, I don't think it would even have fit in the living room let alone through the door.

It took us more than an hour of wandering around a hill before we found a wonderful tree sitting all alone in the middle of a small field! I wonder why no one had cut it down yet, as I'm pretty sure half the people here go up into the hills for Christmas trees every year~


My brother took that picture as I stood in the bushes looking around.../ posing...haha aaanyways.
I do seem to spend a lot of time outside, hey?

So after we got our tree, we had hot chocolate and cookies and then drove home. When we got home I decided to actually try out my lipstick.

(yes Sasha, I know it took me forever to buy some~ shh. Actually, I just bought a hair straightener maybe 2 years ago, but I have randomly used other people's before that! )


Those are actually pretty good pictures of the front of my awesome new haircut too, come to think of it! I look kind of tired though, sooorry! I really don't like using a mirror to take pictures, but me just holding the camera in front of me wasn't working as well so I gave in.

SUNDAY!! ..(which is also TODAY! )

Sunday started off with this thought:
Did any of you fine bloggers ever collect beanie-Babies? I did when I lived down in the states, and I still get one every year on top of my stocking on Christmas morning. They are the kind of things that little 8-year old children will probably lust after forever. I mean, who doesn't want a pile of beady-eyed dogs staring at them while they sleep?


That's my personal collection there. I remember hunting for the bald eagle one for weeks.

Alright! Before we decorated the Christmas tree, because I can make you all wait for that wonderful jem of the holidays a liiiittle longer, my brother and I went to jump around in the SNOW!! BECAUSE IT SNOWED!! YAAAAAY! It's all fluffy and magical and cold!



Ohh it takes talent to high-five in mid-air!

I think that last one there is the best picture of the both of us I've ever taken! It lets you all know I'm secretly a ninja with a blue hat, and Brendan is not-so-secretly a leprechaun with a blue sweater. ahh It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

And now, without further stalling with rediculous pictures, our tree!


TADA! It's pretty, no? I like the red ribbon the best, but that might just be because I'm the one who wanted it, and put it all up. :D

And here is my Blogging-Christmas-card! To..anyone who wants it? haha


I'm not sure when I'll post next, but certainly before I leave for Victoria.

Friday, December 11, 2009

10:30pm seemed like a great time to update some things

Well I have some interesting things for you today, my darlings!

And thank you for everyon who wished me well on my massive tests! I think/hope I did pretty well! :D

It was a brisk -9.6C on the walk to school today, and my chin was screaming at my the entire way 'Why on earth did you not wear a scarf?! -9 is not warm, you know! not in the slightest!'. Thank goodness buildings were invented at some point when people living in colder regions realized that no, freezing wind is not fun.

I did manage to wear something nice today! I found a lovely silk scarf with elephants on it the other day in my room, and thought maybe it would make an interesting belt? It did!

GAP trousers, boots?, RioRain top, assorted necklaces, handmade scarf

Sorry for the strange lighting. It was dark at...4:45pm when I took that~

Also new today! I got my hair cut! Not much so say other than I love my hairdresser! She's a genius~




Again sorry, those after-wards pictures aren't the greatest, but I'll get better ones later, I swear! I'm in a rush right get to bed.

Finally today we have this lovely table fountain that I'm building in art class. It's modeled after a fountain I saw/drank from in Pompeii. It's pretty neat that they put piping back in some of the old fountains so you can actually drink from them again! Wild~



That's all we have time for today folks! stay tuned for Christmas tree pictures on sunday!! I'm so excited >< Happy so-far-Holidays everyone! <3

(also, I bought my first EVER red lipstick tube today..when I manage to get it on and looking nice, I might show you all~)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dec.9 The fall of silent footsteps in the forest~

I just saw Tavi's video that she make with the fine ladies of Rodarte and it's wonderful! You should all go hunt it down and watch it right now!
I wish I was that articulate when I was here even~ haha.

So today we actually have a pretty nice outfit for once.


(Bellina top, Bootlegger sweater, GAP pants, American Eagle flats )

The sweater puffed out nicely all around and make me feel like a Christmas present all day long!

I figured that since it was only -8C (and snowing) instead of -13C (and windy) this morning that I should wear something that at least loooooked like I tried slightly.

I also made you all a video the other day! It features this large 'Santa's Toy Bag' my brother made for a skit in his french class, but I thought it looked like a monster, especially after I added that little eyes to it...hehe.

There! only 2 seconds long but it was pretty entertaining! To me at least...when I was making it...two days ago when I probably should have been doing something else! shh.


Christmas gumdrops are a staple in my diet right now! But only the green ones and that ONE red one. I only ate the one red Brendan, I swear! Honest! We always have a bowl of holiday candies around the house when a holidy actually does rear it's head. My favorite = Valintine's Day.
Not because I actually like the day, so much as I could eat a bathtub full of cinnimon-hearts and still not be sick of them.

On another note I have a huge math test tomorrow, and a huge Biology test! Ack! If I don't die of heart-faliure during the math test, I'll post again tomorrow! :D

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I just wanted to make sure you guys all know about this:

Greenpeace occupies Parliament roofs to shout “Climate inaction costs lives”

This morning 19 Greenpeace activists are occupying the roofs of Canada’s Parliament Buildings.

They took this action to highlight to highlight the failure of Prime Minister Harper and Opposition Leader Ignatieff to help end the growing loss of human lives from the ever-worsening climate crisis.

We targeted Harper and Ignatieff on the opening day of the Copenhagen climate conference because they don’t support science-based targets that will lead to significant cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, they support the expansion of the tar sands.

Activists have unfurled two 12 x 7 metre banners on the West Block of Parliament reading “Harper/Ignatieff: Climate Inaction Costs Lives;” and “Harper/Ignatieff: L’inaction climatique coute des vies.”

This is the fifth action Greenpeace has undertaken since September to bring attention to climate inaction in Canada and the climate crimes of tar sands development.

Through the KYOTOplus campaign 150,000 Canadians have demanded action from Ottawa to prevent climate chaos. Harper and Ignatieff have ignored requests to sign on to KYOTOplus. They don’t listen to Canadians who want action on climate change.

Take action:
Sign the KYOTOplus petition Demand action on climate change

-----> ------> ------> ------> CLICK HERE TO SIGN! <------ <------ <------ <------

Email or call Prime Minister Harper and Opposition Leader Ignatieff.
Suggested E-mail text:

I support today’s Greenpeace action at Parliament calling for action on climate change. For far too long, Canada has avoided taking action. This is embarrassing. Canada must support legally binding, science-based reduction targets at the Copenhagen climate conference. It’s time Canada became a leader on climate change.

Prime Minister Harper:
(613) 992-4211 Ottawa; (403) 253-7990 Calgary constituency office

Opposition Leader Ignatieff:
(613) 995-9363 Ottawa; (416) 251-5510 Etobicoke constituency office

Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon.

That is all from youtube, the Greenpeace website, and an e-mail newsletter that I get from Greenpeace Canada whenever something happens. I've already e-mailed both the PM and Ignatieff, and signed the Kyoto Plus thing.

Thanks guys!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A day to Ski. Video-Log #1 !

It was -15.C today. D:

Though I didn't eat enough breakfast today and I had to stop and have a granola bar part way along the trail, filming my very first video-blog with my brother was very fun!
I hope you all enjoy it, and remember that we are Canadians so we are allowed to make fun of ourselves. Don't take it too seriously. Or...seriously at all. We're just being very silly~


When we got back from skiing we went in the hot tub, which was equally as fun, and now I'm down here on the computer telling you guys all about it instead of studying for my Biology and Math tests that are approaching but I'm trying to forget about.

(I don't know the labels of my skiing clothes! )





Ahh isn't it all just lovely to behold? Freezing, but lovely.

I must contradict myself a lot, you know? I have this dream of visiting the Antarctic one day and seeing Scott's cabin, and Shackleton's cabin, and visiting the memorial for Captain Oates, but I really dislike being cold!

Poor Captain Oates. Scott never should have dragged him on the expodition but he wanted another British officer to come along, even though Oates had a limp from a shot wound in his leg from the Boer War. His wound re-opened from scurvy on the return trip and his feet were frostbitten, so he walked out of the tent one night in a blizzard so he wouldn't slow down his friends in their effort to reach safty. Poor, poor Oates. D:

There is a bit of history for you all~

Also, my brother just started a blog recently, called

which he hasn't really posted anything yet on, but he's working on it!

You all have a wonderful day, alright? Keep warm!